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“8 Household Items are Disappearing From Our Households”

According to some household items are going extinct. In a recent article titled, “These 8 Household Items Are Going  Extinct (Are these Items in Your Home?)” Jennifer Geedes list those 8 items.

The first item listed, surprisingly is Bar Soap. Based on the article bar soap is believed to be holding more germs than that of liquid soap.

The second items is Tablecloths. Geedes claims that the possible reason for tablecloths becoming a dying style is due to the fact that families are eating together less. According to the article, convenience matters more than style. Without the tablecloth the table is easier to clean up.

The third item going extinct is Batteries. With the age of technology recharging a device is more common then replacing the batteries.

Fourthly, the article reports that Gas Stoves are apart of household items that are going extinct. With induction cooktops, gas stove are no longer as popular, according to Geedes.

The fifth items that is reported as an extinct item is liquid or powered laundry detergent. Geedes claims that rather then ‘lugging’ around jugs of liquid individuals prefer to use pods which come in smaller packs.

The sixth item is entertainment centers. The need to store all pieces of technology is no longer needed, so families no longer need the large piece of furniture.

The second to last item that is going extinct is Home Offices more so the amenities of a home office. Due to more portable technology the less a need for a designated area to work.

The last item that is an extinct household item is puddled curtains and bed skirts. By puddled curtains Geede means the the amount of fabric sitting on the floor. She claims that bed skirts are no longer a need due to “‘easy clean simplicity’” and it’s rise.

If you are interested in reading more about the 8 household items that are going extinct check out the article on, here.

-Kevin and Kerri Massey

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